Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This weekend a new game was born in the Barela household. It's called Squidoo (the name means nothing). M created this game after watching the skateboarders do jumps at the X Games on tv. Brian and I quickly got involved and we all had a blast. Let me tell you how to play so you too can enjoy this game with your family.

All you need is small tub/container/bin to jump over. And then the object of the game is to see what kind of crazy, daring, different jumps you can do. M pretty much did the same one every time but we cheered as if each one was different and better than the last. The competitors that we are, Brian and I tried to one up each other with each jump we did . We each came up with our "signature moves" that were our best. We played for quite a while and laughed a lot! We also were asking ourselves why we spend money on toys. Don't you wish we had pictures of this great event? You're in luck, it was captured on film so we could share it with you and to further explain what exactly we are talking about!

M getting some air.

The intensity of this game shows on my face.

Bri showing off his signature move.

This is what the girls were doing while we were playing Squidoo. Sometimes K would clap and squeal for us, but T pretty much just looked at us like we were crazy. I'm not sure why?

***Warning you will be sore the next day if you play this game right.


Julie said...

awesome! We've equally been enjoying the X-games.

Dar said...

OH my goodness! Love it! Aubs... you can jump really high! Now I have to check out the X-games.

a.j. said...

looks like an amazing performance by all....good job!