Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm in love with the Olympics!

Ok I feel like I can finally talk about the Olympics and let my excitement go full force because the opening ceremonies are this Friday! Only 4 days away. I've always loved the Olympics, especially the summer ones. I remember watching them as a little girl. Sitting in front of the TV and logging many hours watching these athletes dreams come true. My dream was to do the same someday. Well that didn't happen... but I still get all wrapped up in the athletes stories and the odds they usually overcame to get there. Of course gymnastics is my favorite. I still remember where I was when Kerri Strug did her famous vault in the '96 Olympics. I'm also a big fan of swimming and diving, beach volleyball and soccer. Really it's all good. I just love the fact that there is quality TV on for 2 weeks straight. So this Friday don't forget Opening Ceremonies on NBC. Unfortunately we have a wedding so we won't be able to watch it. As Brian said, "Who get's married on the first day of the Olympics? What were they thinking?" Just kidding Eric and Leslie!

So here is a shout out for Beijing '08! Go USA!


Sam said...

I hear ya, Aubrey! Sometimes, I get choked up from just hearing the Olympic anthem!

Julie said...

so funny.....I was thinking of telling you to post about the Olympics, because they remind me of you.