Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lessons from my backyard

This afternoon Brian and I were doing some yard work and it got me thinking. I enjoy doing yard work but I'm pretty hot and cold with it. When I do it I go out for a long time. I get hot, sweaty, dirty and I love it. I enjoy the instant gratification of seeing all the weeds cleaned out or a bush all trimmed up looking nice. But I tend to be a little lazy. I usually don't take time to get the roots of the weeds, just enough so it looks good on the surface. A temporary fix. I also have the habit of making piles all over the yard as I am working not cleaning them up when I'm done because I'm too tired.

Well I can easily relate this to my walk with the Lord. I can be hot and cold with the Lord. When I'm on I'm on. I'm seeking Him, growing and yielding my life to Him. But then life happens and I get tired, lazy, bored, busy, stubborn name it and my walk turns shallow. I don't dig deep to look at the roots of what is going on, or seek Him for a change in my heart but just enough to look good for others or just enough to "get by". Piles build up in my heart that I don't want to deal with it because I'm tired and I just don't want to do it.

My desire is have a constant walk with the Jesus that is dynamic, growing deeper and deeper. Life does happen and I know my walk with Him will continue to look different with each stage of life. But my prayer is to not let it go shallow. It's refreshing that God is not keeping track of the days that I'm hot or cold, or keeping a checklist of what I'm doing or not doing for Him. Like I tend to do. I'm thankful for the grace and forgiveness that is always there.

p.s. The Olympics start tomorrow.


Brian B said...

You are so insightful. I was thinking about getting done so I could have a slice of pizza and you were processing how it relates to Jesus.

Maybe you should be in charge of Campus Crusade this year.

Thanks for reminding me about the Olympics...I almost forgot :)

a.j. said...

good stuff. thanks for sharing.