Friday, March 21, 2008

5 months + 1 week

The girls are 5 months old now (last week). They are growing growing growing. K-10.12 and T- 12.7. Still quite a bit difference in weight. They both have rolled over, talk, giggle and smile all the time. K has become a little mama's girl, loves to be held. T has always been daddy's girl. I think because Brian was the only person T saw for the first 10 days of her life while she was in the hospital. But K is growing on Brian each day with her adorable little smile that can melt anyone's heart. They are starting to move around a lot in their bed and waking each other up by kicking the other in the head! I think 2 cribs are in our near future. Here they are having a little chat. Can you guess who is who???


Sam said...

Wow-- the one on the right looks a lot like Mason (the eyes and face shape)! But they're identical twins, so I guess they BOTH look like him. They're beautiful girls, Aubrey!

Julie said...

is the one on the green boppy K?

aubrey said...

Nice job Julz :)