Sunday, March 16, 2008

Potty Training on Spring Break

Many people have asked, "What are you doing for spring break?" Well, our fun and exciting answer is POTTY TRAINING! That's right because both of us will be home all week we decided to make the most of it and give it a try. Tomorrow is the big day when the big boy underwear will come out and the fun will begin. Mason really has no idea what is happening tomorrow. I mean we talk about the potty all the time and we "practice" but the fact that it is the real thing tomorrow is a surprise. We don't have much of a plan except staying home and letting him drink some "fun" drinks which will cause him go a lot. And then lots of rewards like cool Spiderman gummies! Who wouldn't go potty for that! So if you think of us say a prayer that all is going well, that we have patience and some fun in the process. Updates will follow and I'm sure some funny stories.

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