Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's all about the gifts, right?

The other night as I was putting M to bed we were talking about how much fun we had that evening decorating our tree. Tree #2 that is because tree #1 which we had gotten the night before was infested with thousands of tiny little bugs. Of course we did not notice this until they were all over our floor where Brian and I had just been laying putting the tree stand on and where the girls had been crawling all over. This led to stripping off of the clothes and bleaching and vacuuming everything. Good times! Thankfully, the decorating of tree #2 was uneventful and nothing but enjoyable! I told M how fun it is that we get to do all these cool things to get ready for Jesus' birthday! Well apparently as parents we have forgotten to tell him that Christmas was Jesus' birthday or he did not remember because this was news to him which he was very excited about! Are we going to get Him a cake he asked? Great idea! And then he asked, "But Mom are we going to get Him gifts of golden?" We've been reading the Christmas story so M has heard about the three gifts the wise men bring. This simple question has stuck with me all week. What am I giving Jesus this Christmas season? Is it complacency, complaints and selfishness or humility, thankfulness and joy?

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emily said...

Gifts of golden?!?! That is adorable. I just love it. What a sweet moment to unwrap and remember forever. I love it. And the tree bugs...wow. That is cause to go get a fake tree for sure, right?!

Thank you so much for linking up and noticing the small things. Love it!