Sunday, December 7, 2008

A good, lazy Sunday

Today was most enjoyable because we were home all day and for the majority of it we were in our jammies! The girls weren't feeling well so we all stayed home from church. We stayed warm and cozy inside because outside it was cold and dreary outside. Well Chico cold and that is 40 degrees. We made a fort out of blankets which brought back great memories of when I was a kid. My dad was the master of building forts out of blankets. He would often do this with my brother and I on Saturday mornings. I remember we would play silly games inside the fort. Now here I am doing with same with my son. We brought M's pirate ship and all his Batman "guys" in. It was good fun. He didn't play in there by himself like I had hoped; but still fun. All the kids took good naps which gave Bri and I time to enjoy the afternoon even more! He continued reading his new book called The Tipping Point by Malcome Gladwell. He says it's a good, easy read. And I finally decided to get dressed and then did some Christmas preparation stuff. More to come on what I am doing for some of my Christmas presents. My days are numbered to get these gifts in the mail!
Today I was reminded of when I was younger and I always had to be out and about doing something with someone. It was a must. I could not even fathom why anyone would choose to just stay home all day. And now I relish these days. When we are all together, home, just being together. It's all good!

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