Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tis the season!

M has really been enjoying playing outside in dirt.

I have the holiday spirit and I love it! We enjoyed a nice family Thanksgiving dinner. Well as nice as it could be with 3 little ones :) Oh, and the run that I had mentioned in the previous post didn't go so well. Here's the short version= flat tire on one of the joggers, 3500 people on a very narrow path, it took us 8 minutes just to get to the starting line and we weren't even in the back!, we completed 1 mile at a slow walk and then cut it short by 2 miles and headed to the car. We gave are ourselves an "A" for effort! Anyways, the next day I took down all the Fall decorations, cleaned and then decorated for Christmas! I even got so inspired I put lights up outside! M has loved all of the decorations, although it has been slightly confusing to him because he thinks Santa is coming now! He's probably asked about Santa 20 times in the last 48 hours. We also got our family Christmas card pic taken yesterday which by the grace of God actually tured out pretty well. Hopefully soon they will be ordered. Go Costco! And today I started and almost finished Christmas shopping! All in about 3 hours. I was a woman on a mission with a plan and I accomplished it. We don't have that many gifts to buy because I'm trying to make some of our gifts, but still to have the shopping done feels oh so good! We hope to get our tree tomorrow. I'm looking forward to decorating it. I really enjoy this time of year and celebrating the most amazing gift of all...Jesus!

Speaking of celebrating, I'm turning 31 tomorrow!

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