Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moo Cards...it's my new thing

A couple of weeks ago Brian gave me a surprise. Yes, another one. He's full of them these days and I love it! This one was just because and he is totally into as much as me. As he put it the surprise is a perfect mix of him and I. What he got me are Moo cards. When you look at the website, which you have to because I made it so easy for you and because you just have to see them for yourself, you will see that moo cards can be a variety of things: calling cards, a way to display art, family pics. For me, Brian designed them to be my mommy calling cards. They have my name, mother of M, T & K. My cell, email and my blog address as well as my Twitter name. Each has a cool design on the back. It's pretty fun and so thoughtful of Brian. I'm often meeting moms at the park, church, playgroups etc. and wanting to exchange numbers but don't have anything to write on or I have a million pieces of scrap papers with random phone numbers. I guess me having the cards does not prevent the dilemma have random scrap papers around unless others get Moo cards as well but maybe I'll start a new trend in town. So if you want my calling card, let me know. I'm happy to share :)

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