Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Barelas!
Today we had fun doing the Halloween thing. We aren't big Halloween people but we enjoyed the day dressing up and getting candy. It was M's first experience and he was beyond thrilled that people were handing him candy and that he looked so cool while doing it. M was a pirate and he LOVED his costume. So much that he slept in it last night! We tried everything on last night after we put it all together just to see what he would look like and he didn't want to take it off. So he was a pirate all through the night and all day today. When I was getting him dressed last night I could help but smile and kinda laugh because he just looked so cute but he kept saying " Mom, don't laugh!" He was very serious about keeping up this pirate image he had going on! I had little cat hats for girls which they refused to wear so they just looked festive in their orange shirts and pumpkin socks. I just told people they were dressing up as twins :) Our downtown had Treat Street where all the stores passed out candy and that was fun. And then M also went around our neighborhood with our neighbors while the girls and I stayed home and passed out candy. Brian was at the CRU Halloween party with all of the students. So all in all we had a really good day. Enjoy the pictures.

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