Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mission:One year pictures...FAILED!

Well I attempted to have the girls pictures taken today for their first birthday. The photographer is great, we've had her before. She suggested going to the park. I love this idea because the girls love being outside, so I thought even with the rough days we've been having (non-stop crying) we would be ok. It was for 10:30. Perfect. I can give them baths in the morning so they look all fresh and clean and their hair isn't crazy. They can get a decent nap in and be good to go!
Well everyone got up like normal. Everyone got baths and then the crying began...again. Day #6. I put them to bed thinking they can just sleep it off and still we will be ok. That idea didn't work out so well either. Both girls cried their entire nap time. So they were already worked when I strapped them in the carseats. But we are still going to do this! We get to the park, can't find the photograher.....10 mintues later we find her. I get the the girls out of their stroller and they immediately starting crying. We trying giving them snacks, pulling them in a cute little pink wagon, showing them leaves, the water....nothing helps. They are screaming, arching their backs, flailing around. It was not pretty. I gave it a good try for 20 minutes, worked up a great sweat trying to keep them and myself calm and clearly saw it wasn't working. I called it quits. The photographer was very gracious and we rescheduled for next week. Oh well we gave it a great try. This is life and we're rolling with it. Stayed tuned for try #2.


Julie said...


I shared my 'testimony of my friend Aubrey' last night. It went you realize we haven't seen each other in person for almost 3 years.

sniff. sniff. It shouldn't be.

aubrey said...

ummm we need to do some thing about that. i got it.... you should move here. you are deciding what to do with your future anyways. sweet it's a done deal!