Sunday, September 7, 2008

Let The Fall Begin

Our Fall with ministry began 2 weeks ago and it has been going great! We have had many new people get involved from the start. They are getting connected which is very exciting. There is always a new, exciting energy in the Fall. I love it! Brian has been speaking at the weekly meetings (CRU) and doing really good. This whole year as a large group we are going through Romans. Brian started it off last week. He has 2 more talks before we go to Fall Retreat on the 19th and then things will slow down a bit for him.


For me and the kids tomorrow is really go time for us. We are starting many new things this week. Yes, all these things are starting this week...why everything at once?
  • a play group with fellow moms of twins
  • a women's bible study at church while the kids are in childcare
  • our couples small group is starting up again after taking a summer break
  • mommy and me gymnastics class with M! So excited. There will definitely be more posts on this in the near future.
  • I'm going on campus 2x a week for discipleship with some our women leaders
ok so listing it out like that gets me a little nervous and makes me wonder if I'm a crazy person. But I'm excited about all that it brings...meeting new people, leading others, time away from home, special time with M, fellowship with others, learning about Jesus to be hopefully become a better wife and mom, growing in patience and flexibility and not being in control all the time.

Hope you all have a great week. I'll report back soon with updates.


Julie said...

the real you really have fall leaves like that right now? :( we don't, and we never get them. Always the time I miss OH-IO.

aubrey said...

oh no we are still in triple digits here....but i've decorated for Fall. just waiting and wishing it will come soon!

Kyra said...

yay for Fall! thought of you going on campus...i wish i was there, too :) i can't wait to hear about this gymnastics class. watch out shawn johnson.