Friday, August 29, 2008

The Prince and the Princess

Here is a conversation I had with M while the music was on, I was cleaning up after lunch and he was playing with his pirates.

Mom, I want to marry you.

Well I'm already married.

To who?

To Daddy.

But I want to marry you. I'll be your prince and you'll be my princess.

That's really nice but I'm married to Daddy. And I'm your Mommy. You can't marry your Mommy.


That's just the way it works.

But I really want to!

I'm sorry buddy I'm already married to Daddy.

Awww c'mon Mom! Then can we just dance?!?

****So we preceded to dance in the living room. Some day when he doesn't think of me as his "Princess" I'll remind him of this conversation!

Happy Friday!


Sam said...

That is SO cute! Mason is such a sweet boy :)

I remember wanting to marry my dad, and my mom saying I can't because he's hers.

Kendra said...

That is way too cute. I love how he settled on the dancing. Thanks for sharing that; I'm now smiling.