Monday, July 7, 2008

Checking in from OHIO!

Hello hello hello! Here I am! I 'm sure there is not a great number of people who have been losing sleep that the barela family blog has not been updated and wondering where on earth we are but fianlly we are here checking in with you all. My original thought was to blog frequently and keep you all updated on our ohio visit. Well silly me, why did I think that would happen? We have been plenty busy over here and when we are actually home (my parents home) I'm still kept busy. It's been so much fun here and we have gotten to do so much and see so many people. Here are some high lights so far for each of us. More details and pictures to come.


  • Feeding the fish every day in grandma and pa's pond.
  • Playing with cousins
  • swim lessons...jumping off the diving board (I'm so proud!)
  • taking tractor rides
  • watching Uncle Brent work with the Bobcat and cement truck
  • His new friends ...all the neighbor kids
  • catching lightening bugs
  • playing in the mud


  • rolling everywhere
  • saying DA DA on Father's Day!
  • eating lots and lots
  • jibber jabbing


  • one new tooth!
  • rocking on all fours, and the starts of crawling
  • standing up while holding on to something
  • saying DA DA
  • grabbing everything!


  • seeing lots and lots of family and friends
  • hanging out with Matt and Amie late one night
  • painting at Brent and Angie's new house (brother and sister in law)
  • being with my mom
  • swim lessons with M
  • listening to dad play guitar
  • seeing grandparents
  • running July 4th race with Linds

M and I are off to see Brian in Florida on Thursday. We're taking him to Disney! M is more than excited to see his favorite guy Donald Duck. Until we got to Ohio and he was introduced to the Disney Channel he didn't know who he was but they're long time pals now and he's so excited to meet him! That's all for now!

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Julie said...

i HAVE been checking..and it's great to hear from you! Sounds like Ohio is more than a blast!!