Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back HOME!

We are back home in Chico and it feels really good to be back. We had a great time in Ohio, loved every minute of it, hard to say good bye but still it's good to be home. It's taken awhile to readjust to being home, schedules are kind of crazy, kids are a little crazy which makes mom and dad kinda crazy :) The girls are both teething big time which adds to the fun! T has 2 and working real hard on her next ones, K just got her second one today. M is so happy to be back in his own room with his own toys, especially his bike and scooter.

We have so many photos we want to share so for the next week or so I'm going to be pickin' the best of the best and give you a glimpse of our 5 week stay in Ohio. Let's get started!

Grandma & Pa

Daddy & his girls

We have the smartest kids :)

Ready to drive!

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Julie said...

YAY! So great to hear from you and looking forward to all the pics.