Sunday, June 8, 2008

"The People"

Bri and I have coined a new phrase for our children. It is meant in the most loving way although it did come out of a moment of frustration. One day I was frustrated that the kids weren't sleeping and everyone was off their schedules (I'm a schedule person). Bri came home from work and I think the conversation went some thing like this:

B: How was your day? What did you guys do?
A: Well I didn't get much done because the people aren't sleeping!
B: What people?
A: Those people! As I pointed back to the bedrooms where there was crying and M yelling "MOMMY!".

And then we laughed. Oh, this is our life right now.

So you may often hear around our house.
Where are the people?
What are the people doing?
When do the people eat?
When are the people going to bed?
When are the people getting up?

We mean this in the nicest way. We love these people, we really do.

p.s. 3 days till we leave for OH. errands are done, packing has not begun.

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