Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A dude and two divas!

The kids have been extra fun and cute these past couple days. M continues to amaze us with his words, his memory and his ability to do just about any sport very well. He zips around the neighborhood on his scooter and his bike. He's into playing drums (on anything) and guitar to really any song. He is the girls entertainer these days, pushing them on the swing, playing basketball for them, making them laugh in any way possible.

K & T are both sitting up now on their own which makes them seem extra big to us. They are sleeping less (2 long naps) and eating more (3 meals now of real food). They love eating! Of course they do, they're Barelas! K does this scoot thing on her back to get around and T rolls in all directions to get where she wants. They like playing together and are into sharing/stealing each others toys. They love to laugh and smile and both are very ticklish. It's the best for us when all 3 kids are playing together.

Here are some pics from the last couple days.

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