Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's a Pie Thing...a Family Tradition

Today M and I went cherry picking at a friends house. We got a whole lot of cherries so I decided to make a cherry pie. I love making home made pies. I come from a line of amazing cooks. I have seen my great grandma, my grandma and my mom all spending many hours in the kitchen and turn out some of the best food. But what is really special is the homemade pies! I can specifically recall my grandma teaching my how to make pie crust in her kitchen with all her little tricks of the trade, as well as my mom. I have watched and help them so many times that when I do it myself it just kind of all happens without thinking. I wouldn't say it is a secret recipe or anything but it is our family's and it's the only one that it used. I love that this trade has been passed on not really intentionally but just through spending time with one another in the kitchen. Along with how to make a delicious pie, what I have also learned from the great cooks that have come before me is the joy in sharing with and serving others. I have already spent some time in the kitchen with M and showing him how to bake. He loves it, and he really is pretty good for his age. What I am really looking forward to though is passing on the "pie tradition" to my girls the memories we will make in the process.

Thanks to the amazing women in my life who also happen to be amazing cooks!

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Julie said...

Oh, I love cooking traditions. It feels very true Ohioan to talk about homemade pies....especially from your family.

...looked amazing!