Saturday, May 31, 2008

An Evening Run

One of my favorite times to run is in evening. It doesn't happen often because let's be honest after a long day with the kids and putting all of them to bed I'm not far behind them. But when the motivation hits me to get my shoes on and hit the road I love it. I love it for many reasons...
  • it's a good way to relax and let go of the day
  • it's a peaceful time to talk with God about my day, all the things I've worried about throughout the day and give them to him, a time to thank him for my day, a time to confess my weaknesses and struggles
  • the air is cool
  • I can hear the crickets and the sound of the sprinklers in the orchards and my feet on the pavement and not much else
  • I get a beautiful view of the sunset, like it's just for me
  • it's almost as if I can feel the deep breath everyone has taken now that the day is done unlike the morning or mid day when there is rush here and there feeling
  • and if I'm honest, I like that i can see into people's houses, because it's getting dark and their lights are on. you know just to see what's going on, how people decorate. I know I'm nosy!
Next time you have a moment and some motivation go for a run (or walk) at sunset. It's worth it.

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