Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monterey recap

I'm happy to post with all things considering the weekend was a success in Monterey. I realized that I hadn't really thought through the realities of traveling with 3 kids. The last time we did it we had just one. Three is quite different and obviously harder. But once I let go of what my ideal trip would look like and embraced the fact we are a family of 5 and therefore we need to travel like one, things were much better. We had a great hotel, M loved swimming. He has absolutely no fear of water which is a little scary. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (along with 3000 other people that day) and had fun. We saw pretty much everything. Some favorites were the sharks, sea otters and tunas! Brian's bike ride was quite intense with some major hills right at the end but he completed his 100 mile ride in 6 hours and 27 minutes! So proud! When we get around to downloading pics we'll post them.

I left the weekend with wonderful memories and loving my kids, husband and family as a whole so much more!

Now we are on to road trip #2 (I know crazy!). We leave early tomorrow morning for southern Cal. Tomorrow we are celebrating Brian's grandma's 80th birthday and it will also be her first time meeting the girls. Friday-Sunday we have a regional conference with our job, Campus Crusade for Christ. We are really looking forward to seeing friends and showing off the the girls! If all goes well we may make a stop to see some friends in LA. and then head home on Monday. Wooooweee! Hold on tight, here we go!

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Julie said...

love the idea of 'letting go' all ideals. Is motherhood and parenting anything less than just that?


Have fun!