Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Haps

This is what has been going on with us.

The kids and I have been on some new adventures. A couple weeks ago we were introduced to this new place that recently opened up in our town. In the afternoons it is a children's theater company but in the mornings now it is open to moms and small children as a giant play house. There are 4 different themed rooms: adventure, house, dress up, and the last room has a play house, blocks, tumbling mats etc. Mason loves it because it's all new toys for him and I love it because it really tires him out. His imagination has recently starting coming out more and more so this new place is great fun for him It's totally easy for me to take the girls and watch him run from room to room and of course get in the action too. Mason makes me some great meals in the kitchen!

Our other new find is the kids skate at the local roller skating rink. They play all kinds of games, give a little skate lesson, play kids music and I can take the stroller out on the floor and push the girls around. Mason kept his skates on about 1/2 the time and then just ran around the other half. The best part was when they turned off the lights and got the disco ball going. The kids were told to "smash the dots". He loved it! And again he was totally tired afterward :)
Here are pics from our skating adventure. Mason on the rink and then the other is what the girls did at the rink :)

Brian recently returned from the Destino conference he was in charge of. Everything went really well. He got great feedback for the way he led the conference and for the talk that he gave. And we are both happy it is over now!

I have my half marathon coming up this Saturday. I'm excited and ready as I'll ever be at this point. The goal is just to finish. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Julie said...

wish we could do some of your playdates with you! sounds like some good finds for the kiddos.