Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hanging with the triplets

Here is a picture from a couple months ago of the twins and triplets.

We hosted the 3rd annual Chili cook off at our house with the college students. It's become a favorite and more and more people come every year. I think the total count last night was somewhere near 60! As exciting as this is we didn't want to have the girls around that many people so me and Kaia Theia went to hang out with my Kyra who has 6 month old triplets. Her and her husband, Dave are on our staff team and she wasn't going to the chili cook off either. So last night it was Kyra and I and 5 babies. She has 2 girls, Elia and Paisley and a boy, Cooper. Poor Coop was greatly out numbered. When I got to her house the triplets were sleeping so were Kaia and Theia. Perfect, we thought, let's eat pizza and watch a movie. Who were we kidding! We maybe got 10 minutes of conversation before there was a chorus of crying babies. First, it was the girls because it was time to eat. But then the triplets soon joined in one by one. I think 4 out of 5 were crying at once! It was pretty funny...and loud. We had each others babies, switching on and off. Eventually, mine were fed and hers were calmed down. Dave and Kyra's roommates came home and helped out but they also have a one year old girl. Make that 4 adults and 6 babies in one house. I had a great time.

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