Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's all about survival

Our days are tiring, non-stop, hectic, funny, chaotic and overwhelming. To say the least we are making some great memories and thankfully we still have our sense of humor in the midst of it all. The stress of life is hitting Brian and I in different ways. Brian has a weird thing going on with his hands and forearms where he has numbness from his elbows to his fingertips from what we think is a result of him clenching his fists while he sleeps. He found on the internet someone who had a similar problem and the doctor suggested wrapping ping pong paddles to his hands to keep the flat while he sleeps. So that is now part of our nightly routine. Me? Well on Thursday I found out I have an ulcer on my eye that you can get when your immune system is run down and you are stressed. It's extremely painful and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. On Friday I was attempting to go about my daily routines with a home made patch on my eye. Mason called me a pirate, it was great. We had a moment where we just starting laughing uncontrollably as we took inventory of our lives. So it's ok if you are laughing at this point also.

Because of the state we are in currently we have adopted some new remedies in to our lives to ease stress:
1. We do's great, we love it, and it kicks our butts!
2. We have tea time. We're into this high antioxidant tea called Yerba Mate made by Eco Teas. It's something we look forward to and we are hopeful that it is keeping us semi-healthy.

With all that said wouldn't trade these days for anything.

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Julie said...

above all else, you're in high spirits for sure. Your ability to feel blessed in the midst of your chaos, no sleep life.....I'm encouraged by..for sure.

I changed our family blog URL, you'll have to link it up through my profile. I couldn't take the extremely long name.