Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yep. He's 3 alright.

Sometimes with the way M interacts with us or others and the things he does it's hard for us to believe he's only 3. Recently, I feel like I've been dealing with a teenager, asking for the radio station to be changed to a "cool" song in the car, us asking him to turn down his music in his room because he only like it when it's blaring, arguing what clothes he wants to wear...seriously.

But today everything was brought back to reality when we were at gymnastics. He was in his class doing the obstacle course when all of the sudden he leaves the group to come over to me. I'm thinking he has to go to the bathroom. Nope. He runs over with his hand stretched out to me and says "Here mom. This is the big booger I just picked!" And hands me a very big booger, then runs right back to his class. Uhhhh...yep you are definitely 3.

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