Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yearly Check-ups

Last Friday all 3 kids had their yearly check ups at the doctor. With lots and lots of snacks we headed to the doctor knowing we would be there for a long time. And we were, almost 2 hours! But I am thankful to report everyone is doing well and all have excellent reports! M is now 40 pounds, this explains why I'm picking him up less and less. I was so happy when M was able to answer a proud YES! when the doctor asked him if he used the big potty! WOO HOO! I didn't tell the doctor it has only been a week! The doctor was impressed with how well he communicates, answering each question matter of factly and asking the doctor his own set of questions. K & T are doing good as well. T weighed in at a big 19 pounds and little K at a whopping 16 pounds. She is such a little peanut. T not only has a good 3 pounds on her older sister but also almost a whole inch. But don't worry K can definitely hold her own.

Other updates on the kids...
M is in to making up definitions for words. It's pretty funny the things he comes up with. And like we do with him when we teach him a new word, he has us repeat his words very slowly back to him. He is feeling a little tension with the girls wanting their own play time with Mommy and Daddy so any one on one time we can give him goes a long way! Brian has been taking him on "man dates" which he loves! I have been doing some fun art stuff with M, practicing tracing and other "school type" things. It's been enjoyable for both of us. For the most part M is a pretty good helper with the girls. He knows their bed time routine and can pretty much put them to bed himself, outside of lifting them up into their cribs. He loves to have them in his room to watch him dance to the music he plays oh so loudly. But the girls like it too and do their own dance as well.

The girls are starting to talk a little saying mama and dadda and "sssss" which is either M or sissy. Sometimes K says thank you. And they both can say all done. Their little voices are so precious. The girls are into everything! Taking clothes out of drawers, kitchen towels all over the floor etc. T has turned into our drama queen. Even when you say a simple no no she throws her head back and whails at the top of her lungs. Pretty funny. Both are very fast crawlers, especially K. T is getting so close to walking it's scary! We're excited for her to walk but at the same time there's no rush! T will pretty much eat anything and loves her milk. K could live on bread alone. She is our picky eater.

So that is where we are all at right now. Each day I'm learning about myself as a Christian, a wife and a mom. Even though they are all such little people that have only been in this world for such a short period of time they teach me and challenge me so much. Life is getting easier in some ways, like a good routine, and more independence out of each of them but mostly it's getting harder which I wasn't expecting. With everyone moving, and being very busy, and demanding their own things it's like being on a merry go round that never stops!

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Sam said...

Aubrey, I'm so excited to meet your kids in Ontario next week, especially to have a conversation with your articulate little man.

Hope you have a great week!