Friday, October 3, 2008

Lovin' the day...

Let me just describe to you what is going on in our house right now and why I am so happy and thankful! First, it's raining! You know you live in Cali when it rains and all the kids come out to play. And that's just what happened today. M & I went out to jump in the puddles and 4 others neighborhood kids were also out. M got some new rain boots from Grandma and Pa for his birthday. He's been wearing them pretty much all the time, everywhere. Nice fashion statement. Today is the first day he wore them in the rain. We had a great time playing, splashing, getting wet.

Now we're inside. All kids are sleeping. I'm in my favorite cozy Moosejaw sweats, that I've been waiting to wear and my favorite long sleeve O.U. tshirt. It's still raining and cooler outside. Candles are lit that have a yummy fall scent. I made some tea because I wanted to be warm and feel the moment even more, I'm not really a tea drinker. And I have some homemade pumpkin bread to munch on. OHHHHHHH! Don't you just love it? What a great way to start the weekend! Now I'm going to watch a movie we started last night but fell asleep and didn't finish. Hope your Friday has been a good one too.

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