Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Weekend...and we're done!

The last 3 weekends we've had pretty big parties at our house. This weekend was the final one and I must say it was my favorite. It was the girls first birthday party! My parents were also in town for the weekend so that also made it an awesome weekend. We packed in as much as we could while they were here. Thursday we went out to dinner at one of our local favorites. Friday we went to open gym at gymnastics which was a blast! Who had more fun? Me or M? We both loved it and so did the girls, crawling around everywhere! And of course mom and dad loved watching us all. Friday night we had the annual Barn Blast with CRU. Lot's of fun fun doing line dancing and being in the "farm atmosphere". Saturday we went to the farmer's market downtown and checked out all the side walk sales downtown. Then it was party planning time for the afternoon. I did an initial party, lots of k's and t's everywhere. Party time was Saturday night and it all turned out really well. Even though the girls didn't really nap all day they did great. They went right after their cake and thoroughly enjoyed it! Brian made an amazing slide show to music of their first year. Tear jerker. I am hoping to get it uploaded to the blog soon. Along with lots of pics from our fun weekend. All coming soon! So finally I feel I can sit and relax a bit now that all of our big stuff is done. Whew!!! We made it:)


Julie said...

looking forward to pics!!

Kyra said...

we had so much fun! you throw a killer party, girl :)