Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kids at Bedtime

Mase & Girls at Bedtime
Originally uploaded by brianbarela23
Just recently have we started giving all the kids a bath at the same time. The love it! And I like it too. The 5:30-7 time slot is a little crazy around here. People are getting tired, cranky, impatient and wanting the kids to be in bed (that's me and Bri). So the fact that bathing all 3 kids at once and then getting them ready for bed takes awhile is a good thing. Everyone is occupied and content. Usually part of the bedtime routine is M jumping on the bed as entertainment for the girls. Here is some footage of that.

p.s. i'm still learning about flickr, this is my first attempt at posting a video. Hope it works!

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Kyra said...

I love it! that is so cute...