Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A great evening!

Last night we ( the staff women) had a an appreciation dinner for the women leaders of CRU. To clarify I really didn't have anything do with the planning of the event, I just agreed I wanted to do something to thank this amazing gals. It was all Adrienne and she did a wonderful job. It was such a fun evening and I enjoyed myself so much. There were so many things I loved that I want to share it with you. The atmosphere was quaint and intimate. It was an outside dinner with simple but classic decorations, straight out of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Which by the way I am totally stealing some of these ideas for parties we are having in the near future. The meal was amazing, a new recipe for me...cheese ravioli with butternut squash sauce (stealing the recipe as well). So good! I think what I loved the most was the company of people I was with. We had a short sharing time and during that time God impressed on me that I am a part of somthing really special here. It's a unique feeling to be a part of a group that loves Jesus first and because of that there is a level of authenticity and intimacy that just naturally comes out. I realized again last night it is a privilege to do what I get to do. Even though I'm "on staff" and supposed to be leading them, these girls are amazing examples to me! Thanks girls!

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