Friday, August 15, 2008

What's going on?

What's going on with us? Well there is a lot these days, especially this time of year with school starting. Let me fill you in.

Brian officially started back to work this Monday planning with our staff team for this school year. Each day the team has met at one of our houses to rethink our vision for the campus and then plan accordingly so we can reach as many students as possible! It's very exciting. The team also plans our leadership retreat which will be Aug. 18-20, our discipleship times with our leaders (which I am so excited I will be co-leading 2 of those groups this year!) socials, fall retreat, our first day, first week, and first weekly meeting. Lots to do but the week has gone very smoothly and been very productive. Mr. Campus Director (Brian) is very pleased. Classes start Aug. 25. Life gets pretty crazy and non stop for the next 6 weeks or so for us. Ready, get set, hold on tight!!!!

On the home front we are settling back in to our normal routine when Daddy is gone all day. Playgroup, library time, bike rides, parks etc. Although we have been in the triple digits here this past week so we're indoors a lot. Along with playing Squidoo (see above post) we play baking, makes special art projects and practice our gymnastics for the Olympics. By the way I'm loving the Olympics but kinda bummed it's on so late. In a couple of weeks my women's bible study will be starting up at church. I'm really looking forward to that again. I forget what we are doing but we'll fill you in later.

M's birthday on the 24th. The big #3! Grandpa and Grandma Young are coming to celebrate with us for the weekend. He's really excited but has told me countless times he doesn't want any of his friends to come over for his birthday. Which is fine by me because we weren't going to do anything big anyways. But I think the real reason for this is he doesn't want to share any of his new toys! Way to think ahead, buddy! The girls were 10 months old yesterday. Too bad they are sick and had to go to the doctor on their 10 month birthday. Yet, another cold, bad cough, wheezing, snotty noses. Out comes our nebulizer AGAIN for breathing treatments. They are little troopers though and still keep smiling and laughing. They are almost 15 and almost 17 pounds. Still very small for their age but that doesn't stop them from moving around at all! T found the plant the other day and had her first mouthful of dirt and then decorated our carpet with the rest. K continues to move backwards everywhere. Yesterday she got herself stuck under our bed. I found her with only her little head peeking out! They laugh, wave, clap, say da da and baby, do lots of jibber jabbering, cry when their yogurt snack is all gone, steal toys from each other and LOVE their brother. He's is the funniest person they have ever seen.!

That's about it for now

**Pictures to come of our almost 3 year old and 10 months old girls.

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Kyra said...

YAY! It's fun to hear about all that's going on in the barela household. I've decided to practice some squidoo moves of my own so I can join in when we hang out next time :)