Monday, August 18, 2008

Watch out for Miss T!

T talking to K in the next crib, so proud of herself!

Oh my goodness Miss T has been on a rampage this last week. Take a look at all this girl has "accomplished"!
  • She has pulled a small end table over on top of her 3x
  • She found the one plant we have inside and ate the dirt and spread it all over the carpet
  • She ate her poop! Oh yes a whole mouthful. Nothing like doing the finger sweep to get a bunch of poop out of your child's mouth! Sick.
  • She pulls herself up now in her crib and talks to her sister in her crib
  • She screams when her yogurt snack is all gone
  • Disassembled her breathing treatment machine, poured out the medicine on the carpet, unplugged the machine from the wall and then was going for the outlet when I caught her.
Gosh as I look at this list it sounds like I'm not a very attentive mother. Really, that's not the case it just looks that way. And did I mention we are getting one of those circle fence things to keep these little people contained? Yep for their birthday, but I think it might have to come early! Here are some pictures of this crazy girl we love love love!

T just finished her yogurt.

Dinner time fun!


Julie said...

how fun! ;) sounds like your adventures are really just beginning.

Sam said...

What a beautiful little girl!!! She has such a huge, adorable smile!