Sunday, January 13, 2008

what's going on in 2008

Welcome back once again after being MIA for a month. To ease the guilt I feel for not updating our blog frequently I feel a disclaimer is needed: There are no guarantees when there will be a post and how long before the next but there is a lot going on that we want you to know so we are trying our best. ok I feel better, the pressure is off!

We are all doing fairly well. We are at the end of our first run of all 3 kids being sick. K&T have bronchitis and are still fighting it but getting better. Mason had the flu for the first time and now knows (and tells everyone) that he does not like to throw up. We have enjoyed the holidays. It was different being in Chico and not traveling but a good different. There has been lots of good family time and even a few family outings! The girls are doing well, smiling and growing. Kaia weighs 7.5 and Theia weighs 8.7.

Here is what we are looking forward to in the next month or so:
*I'm doing a woman's bible study on Tuesday mornings. All the kids will come with me, Mason goes to childcare which he loves and the girls will stay with me.
*A weekly play date Mason and I will have on Thursday afternoons.
*Getting back to our weekly couples small group
*Brian has 2 conferences he'll be going to.
*I'm in a local running club, training for the Chico 1/2 marathon.
*Brian will be doing a 80 mile bike ride in Feb.
*Brian's 30th birthday!!!

Lot's going on and much to look forward to. Enjoy the pictures.

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Julie said...

glad to see you back!! C'mon...don't you have lots of spare time. :)