Sunday, December 9, 2007

Doing life

Here is Mason with Daddy's shoes and back pack going to "campus to see the students"
The girls in their favorite position-right next to each to each other
Here the girls are at the doctors office-the only time they're out of the house.

Our days go by pretty fast these days. Brian is busy finishing this semester on campus and helping out at home. My days are filled with taking care of the girls and keeping Mason busy. I try and have some special one on one time with Mason everyday so he doesn't feel lost in all the changes that have happened. Right now Mason is really enjoying doing arts and crafts. Brian is enjoying getting out on his bike when he can and I have started running again. These times for us to get out our pretty much what keep us going! The girls are growing growing growing! Kaia weighs 6.1 and Theia weighs 7.4! The days of them sleeping 23 hours a day are over. They are awake and alert. Kaia even smiled at me, a real smile, not gas or anything!
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think wow we really have twin girls. They are so precious and sweet. And it is so fun to watch Mason interact with them, giving them kisses, hugs and telling them he love them. Here are a couple recent pics :)

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