Saturday, June 9, 2007

Downtown Saturdays

We love Saturdays around here. There is no sleeping in because kids still get up a the same time on the weekends but we do enjoy hanging out in our jammies a little longer than normal. Around 9AM we get ready and head out for the morning. Our favorite and usual venture is to downtown Chico. We never get bored looking in the different stores. Our usuals are the bike stores and the toy store. We also hit up the local farmers market and get a snack somewhere. In the center of town there is a newly built plaza with an amphetheater and a big water fountain. This is a favorite place of Mason's. He loves to put his hands (and soon everything else) in the water and run and jump around. All in all this is a great morning for all of us. Everyone has fun and best of all Mason is tired out and ready for lunch and a nice long afternoon nap by the time we get home. Which leaves a good 3 hours for Brian and I to rest and relax and enjoy time together. So if you are every wondering what we are doing on Saturday, there is your answer.

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Julie said...

I think our families would be great friends on Saturdays.